Crypto Executives Worried About Threat to ‘Big Tech’ Censorship Industry


A change in WhatsApp’s terms of service has triggered a massive exodus of the messaging platform to more private and independent rivals like Telegram and Signal, which have registered millions of new users over the past week.

Rather than agreeing to new terms specifying the app’s right to share user data with Facebook, millions of WhatsApp users simply gave up using the platform, abandoning it for lesser competitors. intrusive. Telegram alone has been downloaded 25 million times in the past 72 hours.

Some of these new listings understand refugees from the free speech platform Speak, looking for a way to connect and organize after the right-wing alternative to Twitter was suddenly taken offline by the service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting.

The ability of web hosting giants like AWS to unilaterally shut down sites and infrastructure worries some players in the cryptocurrency industry for the future health of blockchain-related projects.

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Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum described The removal of Speak as “very disturbing” in a series of tweets, noting that AWS was much more of a “common infrastructure provider” than a social media site. Buterin too Express some level of dismay with Twitter decision to permanently ban President Donald Trump from his platform:

“The fact that so many people who would never normally support such corporate power are now cheering tech CEOs who poke fun at democratically elected officials deserves some soul-searching…”

In the past, estimates have suggested that around 60% of Ethereum nodes run on AWS.

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EOS and Bitshares co-founder Daniel Larimer recently called for a massive abandonment of large social media platforms before Parler is dismantled. He correctly predicted that this might be the “last chance” to download some social media apps. Larimer recently stepped down as CTO at EOSIO developers, promising to work on censorship-resistant platforms that he says will become more and more important as more people go. will find themselves banned or suspended from traditional platforms.

Other crypto projects are wary of the centralized nature of tech giants like Amazon and anticipate the problems that depend on it. The THORChain decentralized liquidity network, for example, encourages nodes running its software to avoid AWS by granting them additional benefits for using alternative service providers.

Providers of decentralized solutions, such as Handshake Domain Name Server, resist censorship in that they avoid relying on traditional domain name resolution processes. Sci-Hub hacker academic journal archivists changed DNS provider using Handshake, like mentionned by Buterin.

Censorship issues aren’t the only reason relying on a single hosting service provider poses risks for encrypted services. In November, the AWS outages affected Coinbase, causing problems signing in and browsing their accounts.

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