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A young civet was found hiding in the corner of a drink stand in a Queenstown coffee shop.

It is believed that it climbed in through one of the stable windows and was eventually taken away by NParks (National Parks Board). However, the coffee shop owner fears that the mother civet wants to pick up the baby and will later “cause trouble” in the coffee shop.

Brice Li, a Facebook user, posted on Nov. 11 that the owner of a coffee shop frequented by Mr. Li called him for help at about 6:30 a.m. and said a “raccoon” had appeared in his coffee shop.

After seeing the photo sent to him, Mr. Li told the coffee shop owner that it was not a raccoon, but a juvenile civet. He suggested leaving it alone or calling ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) if necessary.

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He said that because there are many fruit trees in the area that civets prefer, the residents in the area know that an adult civet lives in the area and occasionally came near the coffee shop, but they had do not expect the adult civet to have given birth.

Civets are not only found in the forested areas of Singapore, but are also well adapted to live in residential areas. They were seen in Siglap, Alexandra, Portsdown, Bukit Timah, Tanglin, the Central Basin and Pulau Ubin.

Since they are arboreal, they are often found on trees and rooftops, often using cable wires, street lights, and trees. They are nocturnal and are often seen at dusk and dawn. Civets also feed on fruits and other small animals, including insects, rats and small snakes. Their role in ecology includes aiding in seed dispersal and forest regeneration.

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Mr. Li said that after the boss of the coffee shop “asked for help” the day before, he arrived at the coffee shop at 10:00 am and saw the civet still hiding in the same corner. He then called ACRES and NParks for help. NParks sent a contractor to arrive at the coffee shop around 12 p.m. to remove the young civet.

Mr. Li said, “I heard from the boss that the civet cat was very fierce and bit the kidnappers’ hand. Luckily he was wearing gloves at the time. They tried to catch him with a net, but he kept jumping around and knocking things over. In the end, the contractor captured it with his bare hands as it hid in a corner.”

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Mr Li added that the boss said the civet mother may have been looking for her baby last night and would come to the coffee shop to “cause trouble”.

“The civet cat has a very sensitive nose. Perhaps the mother smelled the child in the coffee shop and came back to look for the child.”

He plans to contact NParks to find out more about the situation of the young civet that was captured and see if it can be reunited with its mother.

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