Cyber ​​Fraud: Meerut’s Man Loses Rs 1.84 Crore To Fake Trading Website


Instances of cyber fraud in India are on the rise, with people losing lakhs of money. Such a case has also been reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut, where a man claimed to have been duped of Rs 1.84 crore over multiple benefits promised by a website, police officials said Tuesday.

They also said another case of cyber fraud was reported in neighboring Ghaziabad, where a man claimed he lost Rs 95 lakh by believing in a job offer abroad. Both cases have been filed with the Noida Cyber ​​Crime Police Station in Sector 36 and are under investigation, Inspector Reeta Yadav, the police station’s inspector leading the investigation, told PTI.

First case in Meerut

Meerut-based businessman Yogendra Kumar Chaudhary (40) has claimed to have lost Rs 1.84 crore, which he had “invested” on a trading website —

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He said he was introduced to the website — — in July 2021 by a woman, who identified herself as Annie. She contacted him by phone and WhatsApp, informing him of the lucrative proceeds of the website for those who have opened a trading account on it,” said a cyber police officer.

Chaudhary, who deals with real estate, was enticed to invest money through the website. Initially, he got a lucrative return on smaller investment amounts that ran into the lakhs. He was also able to request the return amount from his bank accounts that were linked to the website.

“He kept investing money, but when he invested Rs 1.84 crore and expected huge returns, he couldn’t get the money back,” the official added.

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Second case in Ghaziabad

A Ghaziabad-based Tarun Chauhan said he was duped of Rs 95.9 lakh by a Poland-based company that contacted him with a job offer in the last quarter of 2021.

“The company had also had a telephone interview with him on December 28 and 29 last year. After that, they started asking Chauhan for money transfers under the pretense of fees for visa application, work permit, travel insurance and various other reasons. He said he has a total of 35 transactions made against various invoices sent by the company totaling Rs 95.9 lakh,” the cyber police officer said.

Chauhan, 35, a senior management officer at a private company, said the last communication he had with the Poland-based company was in April, when he was told he would be getting an appointment on April 25 from Bayer Corp., a company. immigration office. .

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He said the company’s representatives went incommunicado after that. He went to the Polish embassy in Delhi, where officials told him that the documents he had received from the company were fake. When contacted, Inspector Yadav said FIRs have been registered in both cases and investigations have been launched immediately.

“We have some clues and clues. We are working on it and making sure that the cases are resolved as soon as possible so that the duped money can be recovered,” she told PTI.

Meanwhile, officials urged the public to report cybercrime cases through the special helpline numbers 1930 and 112. They also asked the public to exercise caution during online financial transactions.

(With inputs from PTI)