Daily Covid-19 cases top 4000 for first time since August


4,282 daily cases of Covid-19 were reported today, breaking a plateau that has lasted about three weeks.

In mid-October, Covid-19 cases began to increase.
Photo: 123rf.com/Composite image – RNZ

The number was 9.4 percent higher than the previous Tuesday, usually the highest day of the week, as it recorded some sluggish weekend reporting.

The last time there were cases in the 4000s was August 17, when the country came after the great wave of winter.

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The number of cases started to increase again in mid-October, before reaching the plateau.

The health ministry said it expected the current wave of infection to continue rising, but could not accurately predict when that would happen or how big it would be.

Experts have said this was because it was unclear how the various new variants would play out and what the impact of immunity against previous infections will be.

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It said BQ 1.1 increased faster than the previous dominant variant BA.5 and the newcomer XBB shows some evidence of being able to evade human immunity, but more evidence was needed.

Wastewater testing suggests that about three quarters of all cases are reported.