Dallas County Fixes Issue That Left COVID-19 Prime Vaccination Appointments To Be Taken


DALLAS (TBEN) – Another 1,200 North Texans received their COVID-19 shots on Tuesday, Jan.12 at Fair Park in Dallas.

“It was easy! It doesn’t hurt,” said Kate Moore, after she and her husband got the shots.

Recipients seem to be giving the county’s new mega-site very good reviews.

“They were very courteous,” said Annie Bonner.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, however, criticized what he witnessed when the site opened on Monday.

In a statement, he wrote that “the vaccination site was ‘strategically’ located … to increase access to historically underserved and ‘high risk’ communities … but few beneficiaries were underserved and even fewer lived nearby … “

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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said people aged 75 and over living in the county’s hardest-hit zip codes were supposed to have first chance on dates.

On Monday evening, the county noticed that many more had successfully entered time slots and discovered that web links for patients to schedule their vaccinations had been shared widely online.

“We had a lot of people in North Dallas who weren’t contacted by us, but who had been sent and found a way to get a date,” Judge Jenkins said.

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Jenkins says the issue has been resolved and on Tuesday evening the county sent 2,000 emails to seniors in targeted zip codes allowing them to select a time to get their shots on Wednesday or Thursday.

“You’re going to see a much more diverse mix of people,” Jenkins said.

The federal government also today announced changes to the way it distributes the vaccine. It will soon give more doses to states that can show they are using up the vaccine they have already received quickly.

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“This is a strong incentive for states to make sure doses are working to protect people rather than sitting on shelves or in freezers,” US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said.

The government has also said that now that the vaccine is in regular supply, it will stop withholding part of what it receives to make sure there is enough for second doses.

This decision is expected to significantly increase vaccine availability in the coming weeks.




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