DAV responds to dispute over Chennai school question paper calling protesting farmers ‘violent maniacs’


The DAV school group clarified that some wording in an English question paper was from a teacher and did not reflect the school’s views. It comes after many, including Congressman Shashi Tharoor, demanded a response from the school, on a question regarding the agricultural law protests that took place in Delhi on January 26. The English language and literature question paper dated February 11 was part of the second review exam. for class X.

This sentence in the English question paper asked students to write a “Letter to the Editor” condemning the “terrible and violent acts of disbelievers who fail to realize that the country comes before personal needs and gains. Destroying public property, dishonoring the national flag, and attacking police personnel, are some of the various unlawful offenses committed, which can never be justified for any reason. Suggest some measures on your side to thwart these violent maniacs who act under external instigation ”.

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Many had questioned the language used in the document and requested a response from the school. Thiruvananthapuram Congressman Dr Shashi Tharoor had tweeted: “Is this an English exam test or do we now have” How to write propaganda “exams? DAV Gopalapuram school pls clarify… ”

Acknowledging the wide range of responses the school had received after the outbreak of this issue, DAV said, “As our country is diverse, it is no surprise that the responses have also been quite diverse – from hatred to swear at the solemn support of the institution that has provided affordable, high quality and value-based education for 50 years. ”

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We firmly believe in the need to nurture independent thinking among children and to respect the principles and ethics enshrined in the Indian Constitution, the statement added.

While one section questioned the school, there were others who shared their appreciation for DAV for presenting this question. Speaking to Zee Media, BJP spokesperson Khushbu Sundar said that often people blame children for not knowing or not caring about what is going on in the country, but when trying to knowing what children think is called propaganda.

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“Dr Tharoor is highly educated, he should be happy that the school raised this question when he himself said that young people should think, respond, converse and progress. It seems like everything is becoming politicized… children are the future of the country. Asking him this question and knowing what he thinks is important. I appreciate DAV for raising this issue, ”she explained.



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