DC Design Reveals Clothing Kit For Next Generation Mahindra Thar


DC Design’s new DC2 Outfit Kit brings a custom body kit for the next-gen Mahindra Thar with new larger bumpers, headlights, hood and off-road tires. We’re also letting you know what prices you can expect when it launches next month.

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DC Design ready to launch new dress kit for the Mahindra Thar

The next-gen Mahindra Thar got off to a good start and it was expected. The euphoria around the new version has always been high and it has only increased with each passing day as bookings have passed the 15,000 mark. Just like the predecessor, the new Thar also allows you to customize in a number of ways, which only adds to the charm of the SUV. Mahindra also offers a range of accessories and kits to bring a different look to each customer. However, if you want something a lot more personalized to your liking, DC2, formerly known as DC Design, has revealed the new dress kit for the 2020 Mahindra Thar.

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Massive wheels require wider wheel arches and raised suspension to fit

The new Mahindra Thar dress kit is a custom body kit for the SUV that can be bolted to the stock version. This includes a newly designed front with a familiar seven-slat grille that sits close to the older model, while the bumper has been completely redesigned and sits higher as well. The lights are thinner than the original version and also receive projector lens units. Notice the bulge on the hood for a masculine look. The bumper also extends to the new, wider wheel arches on the side which contain the larger wheels of the SUV. The new rugged tires are clearly designed to go through any terrain with the steel rim making them ready for all terrain. The suspension also gets a lift in order to accommodate the new wheels, while increasing ground clearance.


The new dress kit for the Mahindra Thar 2020 will be launched in November this year


The dress kit also adds modifications to the rear which includes a new bumper, new square taillights with a redesigned hardtop completing the package. The kit also includes cabin upgrades, but DC2 has yet to reveal the interior of the Thar Dress Kit.

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The DC2 outfit kit for the new generation Mahindra Thar will go on sale next month and prices will be around 6.5 lakh (excluding tax). Since the changes are only for the exterior, the company is likely to keep the performance under the hood intact. The Thar’s simple design has always provided the backdrop for design houses and DC has had its fair share of kits and designs in the past for the Thar among other Mahindra SUVs.

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The new Mahindra Thar is offered with turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines with manual and automatic transmission options. Reservations are currently open while deliveries for the SUV will begin from November of this year. The waiting period would be around a good 22 weeks for some variations in some places. For those who really want to stand out with the Thar, the dress kit is sure to get you a lot of attention.

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