Death toll in Jordan building collapse rises to 10


AMMAN, Jordan (TBEN) — Jordanian rescue teams recovered another body from the rubble of a collapsed building in the capital on Thursday, bringing the death toll from the incident to 10.

It remained unclear Tuesday what caused the collapse of the four-storey residential building in Amman. Ten people were injured. Rescue teams are looking for survivors and rescued a baby on Wednesday. The number of missing persons is still unclear.

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A spokesman for the official Public Security Directorate said the death toll has risen to 10 with the discovery of the body Thursday.

Authorities have charged three people with causing death and damage in the collapse of the building. State media identified the suspects as one of the building’s owners, the maintenance contractor and the maintenance engineer.

The building was in Jabal al-Weibdeh, an older neighborhood of the Jordanian capital that is popular with wealthier residents and expats, but also includes some poorer areas.

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Jordan is a close Western ally that has long been seen as a bastion of stability in the unstable Middle East.


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