Decentraland celebrates its first anniversary with a virtual party


A virtual world owned by the user Decentraland celebrates its first birthday true to form with a virtual party open to all.

“Relive the past 12 months of events, contests, exhibits, gatherings and more with community posts and the results of the #DCLFilmClub Promotional Video Contest Screened for All,” read the blog post. of the party announcement.

Participants will receive an NFT Proof of Attendance protocol and get a first glimpse of The White Rabbit, an in-game club. Community members are also a part of the effort, with a land rental service offering a legendary item. reveal celebrate.

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DJ and crypto enthusiast RAC posted on Twitter that he would be playing a ‘live’ DJ set:

While the project has been open to investors and early supporters since 2019, the virtual world welcomed the rest of the world in February of last year. The project was an immediate success, quickly selling $ 1 million worth of virtual land. Since then, the world has become home to many NFT art galleries, casinos, and other attractions.

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More recently, new features like a virtual casino, Layer 2 scaling via Polygon (nee Matic), and voice chat have sent native LAND and MANA tokens skyrocketing in early 2021.

The platform also often makes headlines for the high sums its virtual plots of land can bring in on the open market. The digital land is a particularly hot commodity for NFT investors, and LAND is no exception, often making the six-figure sales headlines.

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It has been an equally strong year for the Metaverse at large. Several digital worlds have made strides in features, player bases and interoperability – enough that Fortnite games studio founder Tim Sweeney said the technology is “moving forward.”

Players interested in the festivities can jump now and follow a confetti trail to the party, where RAC currently has the stage.