Defiant Klopp backs Liverpool to ‘fight’ current injury crisis


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said his team’s injury issues will only bring the team closer as they prepare to return to the fight this weekend.

The Reds have confirmed they will be without captain Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold for Sunday’s injury meeting with Leicester. Mohamed Salah will also be absent after his positive COVID-19 results.

They join a long list, which includes the top rear center pairing choice of Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez, players currently unavailable.

But Klopp refuses to dwell on the misfortune he has hit his team on the fitness front for the past few weeks. Instead, he says his team are ready to work hard for each other and go through a potentially difficult time.

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“We are a unit, a proper and proper unit, and the more problems we have, the closer we get,” the German said on the club’s official website.

“It was always like that and it will always be like that in this club. We are not looking for excuses. We have the situation that we have, we don’t like the injuries that we have because it’s really hard on boys with injuries, but everything else is working on solutions. This is what we always do.

“We have solutions in mind; maybe we think we have the worst possible situation, but it’s a long season and we’ve only played eight games, so there will be a lot of problems.

“I’ve always said that whoever manages the problems he faces the best has a chance to really be successful. This is what we are trying to be.

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Liverpool will not give up

Some have predicted Liverpool’s form and tried to hold onto their title will crumble following the loss of a number of key players.

They currently sit third in the table, just one point off the top, but face the top form Leicester at Anfield. They could therefore find themselves four points behind by the end of the weekend.

It’s a tough job for the Merseyside club, but Klopp insists that champions will “use the situation” they find themselves in to keep moving forward.

“I don’t think my players have to prove anything,” he added. “We always handle difficult situations very well. We will fight with whatever we have and that means if the issues get worse, you get closer to each other and you still fight.

“If someone thinks we’re going to give up right before the game just because some of our best players – our very, very important players – aren’t available right now for a very, very long time, then I can’t help them. .

“We won’t do that, we just have to accept the situation and use the situation. It’s always like that in life – and it’s like that in our situation.

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