Delhi government eases regulatory process for private schools


The Delhi government has made it slightly easier for private schools to gain recognition or extension of their provisional recognition, reducing the number of regulatory compliance parameters from 91 to 73, officials said on Tuesday.

At present, requests for recognition, improvement or extension of provisional recognition of private schools are being examined on 91 checkpoints compiled by the Directorate of Education, said the deputy director of education. Yogesh Pal Singh.

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“Now these checkpoints have been clubbed to ease the process and minimize the burden of regulatory compliance,” he said.

“Therefore, from now on, all cases of recognition, upgrading, extension of the provisional recognition of private schools will be examined according to 73 clubbed checkpoints instead of 91 checkpoints,” he added. .

Checkpoints on the basis of which schools are examined include number of classrooms, library and laboratories, playgrounds, potable water supply, separate toilets for boys and girls, among others criteria.

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