Delhi Police Arrest 25, Drop 25 FIRs Over Posters Criticizing PM Modi


Delhi police have registered 25 FIRs and arrested as many people for allegedly putting up posters criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, officials said on Saturday.

The posters reading “Modiji humare bachon ki vaccine videsh kyu bhej diya (PM why did you send our children’s vaccines abroad?)” Were plastered in several areas of the city, they said.

On Thursday, police received information about the posters after which senior district officers were alerted.

On the basis of other complaints, 25 FIRs have been registered under Sections 188 (Disobeying an Order duly promulgated by an official) of the Indian Penal Code and other relevant sections, including Section 3 of the Law on the prevention of trespassing, in various districts of Delhi. Police, officials said.

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A senior police official said: “More FIRs will likely be registered if new complaints are received about it. At present, an investigation is underway to determine in whose name these posters have been plastered at various places in the city and, therefore, further afield. action will be taken. “

Further explaining the FIRs and arrests, police said three FIRs were registered in northeast Delhi and two people were arrested from there.

Three FIRs were registered in the west and five people were arrested while three other FIRs were registered in the outskirts of Delhi and three more people were arrested from there. In the northwestern part of the nation’s capital, four FIRs were registered, after which two were arrested, police said.

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They said two FIRs were registered in the central part of town and four people were arrested while two FIRs were registered in Rohini and two other FIRs in the south were also registered.

Police said an FIR was registered in Kalyanpuri, east Delhi, and four people were arrested while another FIR was registered at New Friends Colony police station in the Southeast District, said the police.

Police officials said one FIR was registered in Dwarka, from where two people were arrested, while another FIR was registered in North Delhi and one person was arrested from the. The person claimed to have received 500 to stick these posters, police said.

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Police said another FIR had been recorded in southwest Delhi from two people detained.

Another case was recorded in Shahadra. Police have recovered CCTV footage of the act and are trying to catch the person involved, officials added.

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