Democrats keep control of the Senate while the red wave doesn’t come out


Democrats retained control of the Senate on Saturday after Catherine Cortez Masto won re-election in Nevada, repelling Republican efforts to retake the chamber.

The The Bharat Express News called Nevada on Saturday for Cortez Masto, predicting that Republican opponent Adam Laxalt — backed by former President Donald Trump — would not be able to make enough gains to win in one of the most competitive races of the midterm elections.

Masto’s victory allows Democrats to retain control of the Senate with at least 50 seats due to Vice President Kamala Harris’ casting vote, making it harder for Republicans to thwart President Joe Biden’s agenda, even if the Republicans take control of the House. The fate of the House was still uncertain on Sunday as the GOP struggled to secure a slim majority.

Democrats braved historic odds in this year’s midterm elections, faring much better than predicted after an expected “red wave” failed to materialize. Overall, the results were the best interim performance by an incumbent in 24 years.

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And if the Democrats manage to win a House victory, that would mean complete control of Congress — though the party still doesn’t have the 60 Senate votes it needs to pass all sorts of major legislative changes.

“The American people rejected the anti-democratic, authoritarian, vicious and divisive direction MAGA Republicans wanted to take our country,” Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer said Saturday night.

“I look forward to continuing to work to deliver meaningful results for the American people.”

Biden said he was “incredibly pleased” and “looking forward to the years ahead.”

“Congratulations to Senator Schumer. He has a majority again,” he told reporters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he is attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit.

Biden said Democrats are now focused on winning a 51st seat in Georgia, which would allow them to increase their position on Senate committees. “It’s just better,” Biden said. “The bigger the number, the better.”

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Georgia is the only state where both parties are still battling for a seat in the Senate, and incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock will face Republican Herschel Walker on Dec. 6.

Biden also said he was hopeful that Democrats would manage to keep the House.

“It’s a rack. Everything has to fall our way,” he acknowledged. “We can win it. Whether we will win remains to be seen.”

Cortez Masto’s victory came after Democrat Mark Kelly won re-election in Arizona on Friday, fending off Blake Masters.

Protesters gathered outside the polling station in Maricopa — Arizona’s most populous county — on Saturday to protest the state’s voting process as they waited for the results of the state’s uncalled races.

It came after Republicans claimed without evidence that GOP voters were unable to vote due to equipment failure.

State legislator Wendy Rogers called on patriots to “rise to gather” and “pray that the light will shine in the darkness and that its truth be revealed”.

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Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone criticized Rogers during a news conference on Saturday.

“If you’re an elected official and you’re doing things to provoke a crowd to come forward here, which could lead to the point of violence or crime, then we don’t just need you at the top of a criminal report.” and file a complaint. I feel we should send you the bill,” Penzone said, according to ABC15.

After the protest had already started, Rogers sent out another tweet urging people to stay away from Maricopa County offices so they could count the votes. “The last thing anyone wants is a reason to stop counting,” she wrote.

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