DeSantis says moving migrants exposed Democrat ‘virtue signal’ – border now ‘front-burner problem’


Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said Monday on MSNBC’s “Hannity” that by sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, he was exposing the Democrats’ sanctuary jurisdictions as “virtue signaling” and immigration and the border “a problem.” in the foreground”.

DeSantis said, “You’ve had millions of people since Biden became president, illegally crossing the southern border. Are they mad about that? No. You let migrants die in the Rio Grande. You had 50 dead in a trailer in Texas because they were neglected. Was there a freak out about that? No. You’ve got criminal aliens crossing that southern border and victimizing Americans, killing some, raping some. Was there any kind of outrage about that? No. And then of course we know that the number of deaths from fentanyl is at an all-time high.’

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He continued, “It wasn’t until they put 50 in Martha’s Vineyard, which didn’t say they didn’t want this, that they said they wanted this. They said they are a shrine jurisdiction. These are people who were essentially destitute and then put in a situation where they could have succeeded, but that was all a sign of virtue. Not only did they not welcome them, they left with the National Guard the next day. Give me a break.”

He added: “I think we’ve been able to show that this border is a disaster. Biden failed at this as much or more than any other policy. People are talking about it. We, as Americans, want solutions.”

DeSantis concluded, “People need to bring the matter up in the interim. The economy is going to be a big problem. Crime is going to be a big problem. This immigration and border is now a first-hand matter. This is one where Republicans without doubt have the advantage.”

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