‘Destiny 2’ finally puts an end to the long-standing plague of the blues


It’s the grand finale of a crusade I’ve been following since 2017. After years of inexplicably ignoring one of the most glaring inventory management issues in Destiny 2, Bungie has finally announced that starting next week they’re fixing the game’s problem with a blue engram overload. .

I’ve easily written half a dozen articles about this over the years and filmed nearly that many videos. It’s a minor problem, theoretically classified in the “quality of life” category, and yet anyone who regularly plays Destiny will spend hours, days of their life manually removing low-quality blue drops from their inventory without a way is to pick them up, as if they do, they travel to your postal worker where they risk pushing out much more valuable items, including whole stacks of endgame currency resting there.

I’ve come up with pitch after pitch to try and solve this problem, which ranged from blues not being prioritized in the postmaster to eliminating the whole concept of blues in play. Yesterday, Bungie announced a compromise that should actually… pretty much satisfy everyone. And it gives me satisfaction.

The solution is this: Once you reach the soft power cap in any given season of Destiny, no more blue engrams drop at all, exactly the equivalent of shimmer (100) when one would have fallen in the wild.

This essentially fixes all the issues while keeping the few features blues intact doing to have. For avid players, you’ll hit the soft cap relatively quickly, so after this point you can farm whatever you want indefinitely without worrying about blues clogging your inventory or wreaking havoc on your postmaster. But blues generally will still exist for brand new players to equip blues initially, and under the soft cap can are used to advance you in power level, especially when we get big power jumps during expansions. But at the soft cap, they do little more than bring the vault gear down to basic level, and instead serve as a blight on the game’s inventory systems.

As someone who has been looking to kill the blues for over five years, my take on this is “yes, good enough”. I wouldn’t have shed a tear for removing blues altogether, but I’m fine with this solution rather than simply postmaster-focused fixes, a button to automatically remove all blues in your inventory, or a toggle to automatically dismantle blues when they’re in the settings fall. The soft cap solution is actually something Marvel’s Avengers liked a year ago where at a certain power level in that lower quality game gear just stops falling. Again, it will always be a mystery to me why it took so long to get this resolved, but it’s fantastic that it’s finally happening.

I have no new quest in mind. Past issues I’ve ventured into because I’m not that passionate about. The transmog cap is pointless, but not urgent. Redesigning character faces would be nice, but it’s not essential. Destiny could use something like a ping system, although I’m not into “I can’t believe Destiny doesn’t have a ping system, this is unacceptable!!” Nothing turns me on like blues.

Not yet, at least.

Well done, Bungie. Thanks for listening.

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