‘Destiny 2’ is now one of the top 3 games on Steam


The popularity of Destiny 2 in this current era continues to grow, and even as someone who loves the game and avidly covers it, I continue to be amazed at the metrics I see.

Last week, Destiny 2 was consistently the third most played game on Steam, just behind Valve’s own CSGO and DOTA, which likely won’t be knocked down by anything.

But that does mean that Destiny 2 is steadily ahead of other popular games like Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2, PUBG, and GTA 5. It has been lagging in the top 10 for some time but, in recent times, it has come to the fore for some. times of the day.

I first heard about it on Tuesday, which would make sense as it was a weekly reset, and we often see a wave of players then, which might pick it up. It was number 3 then, but it wasn’t a particularly special Destiny 2 week. Nothing big happened on the reset, and we’re now a month into the season.

Then I looked yesterday and the game was always # 3, just a little above Apex Legends. The game regularly peaks at over 100,000 players per day, and keep in mind that this is only a PC, not a console.

I’ve written about the recent rise in popularity of Destiny before, and I maintain the same facts are true. Simply put, Destiny 2 has done a great job with its seasonal content all year round and has been easy to recommend. That’s why we’ve seen each season become more popular than the last in a sort of snowball effect, although this extremely long six-month season may be about to put it to the test before the delay is over. the witch queen.

The game now not only has cross-save but also cross-play, meaning PC players can now play with their console friends in PvP or PvE content. I believe that’s a pretty big factor in the game’s more recent growth, breaking down those walls.

As the season progresses, I’m not sure how long this will continue, but again, the fact that we’re a month away and it’s still happening is deeply impressive in itself. It also depends a lot on the state of those other games, its competition in the roster and of course a game like Apex will increase when launching a new season.

Still, I never really thought I’d see Destiny 2 this high on the list on Steam, here in Year Four, not even at the start of the season. Not even at the weekly reset. It’s pretty wild, and just another example of how much this game has exploded in popularity lately. You like to see it.

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