“Diablo II: Resurrected” launch foiled by server issues and missing characters


The classic video game that essentially spawned an entire genre, Diablo II, has been resurrected. The new and improved Diablo II: Risen remaster is available today, with a completely revamped campaign and online multiplayer.

And that’s where the problem lies: The game might be live on Battle.net, but there are plenty of players who can’t play it, including the TBEN Games reviewer, Paul Tassi, who is currently trying to log in to be able to watch the game again, to no avail.

Server issues don’t affect everyone, but they’re far from the only issues facing the game this morning. Other players report issues with player creation or even see existing characters that they have already created.

This means that while it may seem like your character is no longer there, don’t worry – that too will pass. Your character will return, as from his ashes, dare I say, resurrected from an unfortunate glitch.

All this reminds a little of the disastrous Diablo III launch of flashback-checks Google-holy shit, 2012. A more innocent age where the future did not include global pandemics and various other horrors. Honestly how is Diablo IV not released yet?

Either way, this game launched with huge server issues and other issues, so no one – and I mean no one – should be surprised at Diablo II: Risen faced similar issues on launch day. These will pass, probably in a few hours, and you can go and kill demons at your leisure.

Stay tuned.

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