Diablo IV footage has also been leaked online via Discord


Diablo IV footage has also been leaked online via Discord

Life is full of coincidences. Some are nice little surprises, like finding out you’re sharing a birthday with your partner, while others are much less so, like what happened to Rockstar Games last weekend.

Example: Early Development Assets for Grand Theft Auto VI were apparently leaked and distributed online after hackers managed to infiltrate the studio’s internal Slack network. We wrote a piece about that earlier today (check it out here!) but what’s really interesting (although unfortunate) is that Activision Blizzard also suffered a major leak for Diablo IV on Sunday.

However, there is one key difference in how both scenarios played out. While the first resulted from a deliberate security breach by hackers, the second case arose from something far less sinister – a disagreement current. In particular the leak for Diablo IV is occupied with 50 minutes of recorded footage of someone playing an early test version of the game. We know it’s a test version, as the clip (which can be accessed through Reddit) contains watermark by watermark, in addition to a serial number of the tester in question.

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To be fair to the player, he may not have known that his invited friends had such… questionable intentions, but why would you stream your run at the same time, knowing you would be in hot soup if recorded media found their way out ? Either way, both parties are at fault here for obvious reasons, and the presence of the serial number means Activision Blizzard won’t have much trouble tracking down those responsible.

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Still, it’s quite interesting that they haven’t deleted the scattered file as of this writing. Perhaps they see it as free publicity, as unlike GTA VI’s, the D4 footage doesn’t actually look half bad outside of the poor video quality. Judging by the shot, D4’s combat and gameplay feel much sturdier and more three-dimensional than its predecessors, and the dungeon crawl experience seems to contain vertical elements as well. For instance, there are times when the character actually climbs walls and jumps over gaps – notable additions to a franchise that primarily favored linear motion.

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Of course there’s a lot more we can talk about, but honestly those discussions are better reserved for the real ones Diablo IV review. After all, there’s no reason to go grab the candy pinata before the party has even started, so let’s leave it at that for now.


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