Did the US avert World War III 50 years ago by means of a ‘secret mission’? Big claims by US Navy veteran


US claims it averted World War III by secret mission (representative image)

According to an old interview with a former US naval officer, the United States of America played an important role in averting World War III, which could have resulted in massive destruction and loss of life around the world.

The US Navy reportedly carried out a “secret mission” hidden from the world for about 50 years to keep the peace and prevent the instigation of World War III. The US armed forces were sure that the mission could have disrupted world peace.

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According to an interview by CNN in 2021, a US Navy aviator shot down four Soviet fighter jets in 1952 in the most heroic manner, but Washington decided to keep it a secret for decades. The secret mission went down on November 18, 1952.

More than 50 years ago, a 27-year-old Royce Williams was commissioned to fly the United States Navy’s first fighter jet during the Korean War. Williams was flying the F9F when his group leader developed a technical problem and his team was left alone to complete the mission.

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Williams’ team spotted seven Soviet MiG-15 fighter jets heading for the United States task force. During the interview with the CNN American Veteran Center, Williams said, “They just didn’t come from Russia before to involve us in any way.”

Showing courage, Williams opened fire on the four Soviet jets that turned toward him. He had defied the command of the American commander and attacked the Russians. MiG-15 was considered the best fighter jet in the world at the time, but Williams decided to tackle four of them to avoid a crisis.

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When it opened fire on the fighter jets, the Soviet MiG-15 aircraft also began to retaliate and hit the plane Williams was flying in, leaving its rudder and wing control surfaces disabled. Williams ended up destroying four of the Soviet fighter jets.

Despite his exploits, Williams’ destruction of the four MiG-15 jets was kept secret by the United States government, as they believed it could trigger World War III.

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