Did ‘The White Lotus’ First Death Just Happen?


We’ve just passed halfway The White Lotussecond season, but, unlike in the first season, the first death may have just happened. It looks like Mike White may not wait until the final episode to reveal the fatalities. In Episode 4, “In the Sandbox,” one of our not-so-loved characters takes a drug that could lead to his death.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for season 2 of The White Lotus.)

It’s also not really who you’d expect. No, we don’t get to see the epic murder of Theo James’s brutal Cameron, who hired prostitutes in the last episode and is unfaithful to his gorgeous wife Daphne (Meghann Fahy). Nor does it seem to be one of the aging Di Grasso boys – Nonno Bert (F. Murray Abraham) or cheating Dominic (Michael Imperioli) – who takes their own lives through a fall. And no, Greg (Jon Gries) doesn’t burn up in a fiery plane crash on his way back to Sicily.

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Instead, the doomed character appears to be Giuseppe (Federico Scribani), the perverted hotel pianist obsessed with poor, sweet Mia (Beatrice Grannò). This episode feels a bit like the beginning of Chicago, in which our beloved Roxie Hart kills the man she’s having an affair with after he makes an empty promise to get her a job in showbiz. Only, instead of Cook County, we’re in an upscale Italian beach town.

Mia has had her ups and downs with Giuseppe, who tried to order her services as a sex worker in the first episode of the season. Although Mia’s girlfriend Lucia (Simona Tabasco) is indeed a working prostitute in Episode 1, Mia is still unsure. She throws her fancy cocktail in the pianist’s face and storms off, uninterested in his horniness.

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But as we learn in subsequent episodes, Mia dips her toes into sex work. She learns from Lucia, who takes her for her tryst with Dominic, as well as Cameron and Ethan (Will Sharpe), the two unfaithful hubbys. So by Episode 4, Mia thinks she’s ready to go out on her own and make some money. Or rather an exchange: if she has sex with Giuseppe, he promises to get her a job in the singing world, where Mia wants to make it big.

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So she agrees to sleep with him. But again, as any of us who watched Chicago know, she shouldn’t! Who is this “connection” he knows? Sounds fake to me. Run, Mia!

Instead, she does something much worse, albeit an accident. When Giuseppe can’t get it up, she runs to the beach to get some Viagra from Lucia to help him out. While sprinting through The White Lotus Resort, with sweat still dripping from Giuseppe’s chest down her arms, Lucia finds Mia flirting with Albie (Adam DiMarco) on the beach, too entranced by his clumsy American language to Mia help with the pills. She picks up a few, praying it’s Viagra.

Simona Tabasco and Adam DiMarco.

Stefano Delia/HBO

Of course they are not. They are MDMA aka Molly aka Ecstasy aka Giuseppe’s worst nightmare. He takes the pill and the pair migrate back to the hotel – by the way, these two fucked a chapel at the resort. Closer to God, closer to heaven!

The molly’s effects kick in as the pianist returns to his post at the baby grand piano of The White Lotus. As he belts out the first few notes, singing like he’s drunk on fifteen tequila shots, Giuseppe tumbles off his tiny piano bench. He was dragged from the resort. In truth white lotus fashion, guests keep munching on ravioli and lobster tails after some murmurs of “What was that?”

Could this be our first death of the season? Let’s look at the evidence. In the very first episode, Rocco (Federico Ferrante) warns head janitor Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) that guests — ie plural, several, more than one — are dying. So while Giuseppe may be one dead, there are still characters who are most likely to be killed off in the episodes to come. We only know of one person who is safe: Daphne, who was very much alive in the flashback of the first episode. But hey, who knows? She can also be a killer.

Beatrice Granno, Adam DiMarco and Simona Tabasco.

Fabio Lovino/HBO

But there’s another keyword here that could mean that Giuseppe the pervert isn’t really dead. At the beginning of the show, Rocco warns Valentina about the guests who die. Giuseppe is not a guest, he is an employee of The White Lotus, so he doesn’t really count. And, frankly, good! We need a more brutal, violent death than the Viagra confusion. And I just know that Mike White is ready to kick things off in the back half The White Lotus Season 2.

The five guys most likely to die

We bet on who will die this season The White Lotus. After this episode, here are our top five picks of people who can become like in just a few episodes.

1. Giuseppe: It’s clear he’s not doing very well by the end of this episode. See the attribution above for proof.

2. Ethan: Ethan’s wife Harper (Aubrey Plaza) finds a loose condom wrapper after his night of fun and cheating with Cameron, setting her heart on fire. Will she confront him, or will she just kill him first?

3. Dominic: Dominic’s son, Albie, begins to show signs of anger towards his father. So with almost everyone in the Di Grasso family turning against old pops, it’s not a matter of “if” he dies. It’s who kills him.

4. Mia or Lucia: I worry about these two, who have quickly become my favorite characters on the show. Sorry Tanja! They play with fire, sleep around with some of the nastiest men staying at The White Lotus. I’m afraid not only will they burn, but eventually someone will set them on fire completely.

5. Jack (Leo Woodall): This guy’s vibes are off. Just like Albie’s. I watched Albie drown this man after he stole his girl Portia (Haley Lu Richardson).


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