Digital driving license for smartphones considered


The Transport Agency is considering introducing a digital driver’s license that people would keep on their phones.

Waka Kotahi is considering introducing a digital driver’s license that people would keep on their phones.
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This will likely require changes to both the law and a rule that dictates the form and format of licenses, and when they must be surrendered.

Waka Kotahi said in a response to the official information law that it has a team looking at legal and operational solutions.

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It was “at a very early stage,” said chief digital officer Liz Maguire.

No privacy or risk assessments had been done yet.

A digital strategy board paper the agency is working on includes photos that suggest a digital license may include dates for when an eligibility and registration warrant is due, and what tolls have not been paid.

“A digital driver’s license is a secure identification that proves that you have the right to drive,” the newspaper says.

“Having easy access to your driver’s license on your smartphone means you’ll always have it with you when you need it.”

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An internal email links the digital driver’s license to the government’s wider digital identity framework, which may launch next year, and will give people access to large numbers of public and private services by first verifying their identity by submitting a photo of themselves. to a biometric database that uses facial recognition. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is leading this work.

“It was interesting to discuss the impact of digital technology in the transportation industry and how it is envisioned that Waka Kotahi will use DIA information to verify the information that Waka Kotahi holds, and use this information in accordance with the Digital Identity Trust Framework,” the email said in May this year.

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Only this one email was provided in response to RNZ’s request for all substantive correspondence between senior Waka Kotahi executives or the board regarding digital driver’s licenses.