‘Disappointed’ health workers and hospitals prepare for Monday’s nurse’s strike


ST. LOUIS PARK, Minnesota — On Monday, about 15,000 nurses plan to go on strike in Minnesota in what could be the largest nurse’s strike in US history. Contract negotiations failed this weekend, leading to the three-day strike.

“I feel disappointed,” said Methodist Hospital nurse Victoria Zee merchant.

Victoria Sea Trader plans to have a picnic with her colleagues outside her workplace on Monday. Sixteen hospitals in seven health systems are affected by the strike.

Paul Omodt, a spokesperson for the Twin Cities Hospital group, which includes Children’s Minnesota, North Memorial Health, Fairview Health and Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, said thousands of nurses from across the country will work during the strike to keep the hospitals open and running. as close to normal as possible.

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“We’re starting with new people who have been trained and will be trained. We should expect some delays in our hospitals, we should expect some hiccups because it’s just the nature of the business every day,” Omodt said.

Allina Health said patients will be contacted immediately if their appointments change during the strike.

“While doing everything we can to minimize disruption to patient care, our hospitals remain full and we are preparing to make the necessary adjustments to ensure we are meeting the emerging and ongoing care needs of the community” said a spokesperson. .

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The Minnesota Nurses Association and hospitals disagree on a number of issues, from wages to staffing and safety.

“What they’re asking is, the pay increases are not something the hospitals can afford,” Omodt said.

Sea trader said the economy is not the most important.

“We’re not going on strike because of our pay, we’re going on strike because we want to make sure our patients get the best possible care and the foundation for that is good staffing,” she said.

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Nurses from various health care systems will start the strike at 7 a.m. Monday morning. They will patrol outside the hospitals until evening during the strike.

President of the Minnesota Nurses Association Mary Turner spoke to TBEN . Sunday morning.