DMX ‘found no brain function’ a week after heart attack


Rapper DMX has ‘no brain function’ a week after heart attack … as family faces ‘agonizing decision to take him out of life support’

DMX did not “ regain any brain function ” nearly a week after his alleged overdose and heart attack, it has been claimed.

The rapper’s condition has reportedly shown no improvement after a series of tests that were carried out on Wednesday, leaving his family with the agonizing decision to keep the 50-year-old on life support.

TMZ reports that tests have shown that there was ‘no improvement in brain activity’ since he was rushed to hospital last Friday, after being deprived of oxygen for almost half an hour.

The test results were described as “ not good ” in Thursday’s report and that his family asked longtime friend and former manager Steve Rifkind to travel to New York on Friday to be by his side.

The latest development comes after Rifkind said they were “ just waiting for the medics to tell us what the next steps are ” to People.

The outlet said the tests “ will dictate other decisions for the DMX family to make, ” the rapper currently in a coma and on life support at a New York-area hospital.

Critical condition: DMX remains in White Plains Hospital, New York, where he is believed to be in a coma from heart attack and suspected overdose

Critical condition: DMX remains in White Plains Hospital, New York, where he is believed to be in a coma from heart attack and suspected overdose

TMZ reported on Monday that some of DMX’s 15 children were visiting him in hospital for what is believed to be “ one last goodbye ”.

Later that same day, a prayer vigil was held by family, friends and fans outside the hospital where DMX continues to receive care in White Plains, New York.

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The rapper’s condition remains critical and “ disastrous, ” according to TMZ. This prompted an unknown number of DMX kids to come to White Plains to say their goodbyes.

The outlet added that COVID-19 security restrictions are complicating the situation with sources claiming that only one person will be allowed to visit DMX at a time.

DMX held on to life for the last few days after allegedly overdosing and subsequently having a heart attack.

“ On Friday evening April 2, 2021, our brother, son, father and colleague DMX, birth name Earl Simmons, was admitted to the hospital in White Plains (NY) facing serious health issues’ ‘the family said through a reporter. “ We ask that you please keep Earl / DMX and us in your thoughts, wishes and prayers, and respect our privacy in the face of these challenges. ”

Another statement released on Sunday afternoon said the rapper remained in a coma and was on a ventilator.

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Longtime Simmons lawyer Murray Richman said the rapper was admitted to the intensive care unit at White Plains Hospital after suffering cardiac arrest.

Richman said he couldn’t confirm reports that DMX overdosed on drugs and wasn’t sure what caused the heart attack.

‘He had a heart attack. He’s pretty sick, Richman says. “I am very sad, extremely sad. He’s like my son.

“He’s just a great person, a great artist, a great human being. And so much to offer, so much to say. Not the regular rapper. A person of great depth.

Doctors at White Plains Hospital in New York City said the rapper’s prognosis was poor, while family members said his life was on the line.

DMX was reportedly cut off on Saturday, but his lawyer later said the news was a ‘false statement’.

Sources told TMZ the star overdosed around 11 p.m. Friday and was rushed to hospital where he was in intensive care.




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