Do you want to learn something new? Elon Musk Suggests These 2 Topics, Says ‘You Won’t Regret It’


The world’s richest man Elon Musk is not only a sharp business mind, but also a tech visionary. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is popular on the social platform Twitter, where he actively shares his opinion and interesting things with his millions of followers.

In a recent post, Elon Musk shared a valuable suggestion about two introductory courses that anyone who wants to learn something new can take. Musk did not respond to previous tweets, but made a new post. The two topics he proposes are “Materials Science 101” and “Astronomy”.

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“Take Materials Science 101. You won’t regret it,” Musk wrote on Saturday, adding “Astronomy too” in another tweet.

What is materials science?

Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific research dealing with properties, applications, design and discovery of new materials. These materials include ceramics, metals, polymers and composites. In contains elements of physics, chemistry and engineering. Basic 101 courses are formed for all types of learners, from science or non-scientific background. It is applied in several major industries, including semiconductors.

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On the other hand, the more widely known subject of astronomy is the study of everything beyond the Earth and its atmosphere. Astronomy is an exciting subject with its basic population and learning enthusiasts of all age groups.

Elon Musk Education

Musk, who received his early education in native South Africa, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Wharton School in the US. Musk even got a Ph.D. program in materials science at Stanford University, but instead decided to dive into the internet boom and began his journey to become a tech tycoon worth more than $270 billion.

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