Do you work from home? Give your vehicle the protection you need by investing in construction, fire and theft insurance


In accordance with government rules, it is mandatory to take out liability insurance for your vehicle.

Less than a month after the COVID-19 vaccine rolled out in India, more than 11 million healthcare and frontline workers have so far received the coronavirus vaccine in the country. The country began distributing the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine to beneficiaries from February 13. Over the next 8-10 months, the whole country is expected to receive COVID-19 injections. Once India becomes COVID-19 free, everything should return to normal as before 2020.

However, the ongoing pandemic has forced some things to change forever and some of those things are for good, the most important of which are location freelance jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic has given people the ability to work from home or anywhere. Additionally, a recent report from BCG – “Workplace of the Future” states that most organizations expect around 40 percent of their employees to follow a work-from-home model in the future.

Significant reduction in daily driving

More people working from home means there will be more cars on the roads, which will translate to much less traffic. Plus, when you don’t drive your car to the office every day, you don’t need to invest in expensive comprehensive auto insurance policies to protect your car from accidental damage that is usually possible when you pick up your car. car on the road every day. Nowadays, people who are sure they will have to work from home for the next 7-8 months are looking for insurance plans that give them the maximum coverage they need at the minimum possible price.

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In accordance with government rules, it is mandatory to take out liability insurance for your vehicle. However, the own damage guarantee is subject to the choice of the vehicle owner. Now that you don’t have to drive your vehicle to the office, you don’t have to worry about accidental damage to your vehicle and you can simply get mandatory TP coverage.
However, while your car is parked at your residence, there are other possible damages for which you must have adequate coverage to compensate for the loss.

A very common incident with vehicles parked on the roads is theft. Vehicle theft cases have been increasing year on year, which has emerged as one of the fastest growing crimes in India. According to official data, around 100 cases of vehicle theft are reported every day. And the numbers are increasing day by day. Likewise, incidents of damage to cars due to fire are also very common. Cars parked along the roads have often been reported to catch fire for various reasons resulting in significant damage to the car.

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Save on your premiums with TP + Fire + Theft insurance coverage

Thefts and fires are real and happen quite often. It is better to prepare for any unfavorable situation than to take the shock of a lifetime seeing your car fire damaged or stolen. Since you cannot predict whether you will be able to track down the offender who damaged or stolen your car, it is best to take out Third Party + Fire + Theft insurance so that your auto insurance company can cover the damage caused. To help customers in this area, Policybazaar has made available online insurance products that combine third party insurance with theft and fire damage insurance. Commonly known as TP + fire + theft insurance coverage, these plans cover you for damage caused by third parties and damage to your vehicle in the event of fire or theft. More importantly, these plans are offered at a lower cost and are available for a clean damage price 50% cheaper than regular full auto insurance plans.

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These plans are expected to be useful to employees who work from home and only leave their homes in an emergency. In the current situation, it is preferable to cover your vehicle with a TP + Fire + Theft insurance (instead of a Third Party plan only) which promises you the required protection against possible damage to your vehicle. Also, through these plans, you can easily save a considerable amount as compared to full plans.

(By Sajja Praveen Chowdary, Head-Motor Insurance,

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