Does this line from Pathaan confirm Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3?


Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film Pathaan hit the screens with great fanfare on Wednesday. The film has been praised by viewers for its action and entertainment value. Another icing on the cake was the highly anticipated cameo of Salman Khan, who appears as his character from the Tiger movies. Though his screen time was short, a line of his at the time hinted that the rumor of Shah Rukh appearing in Tiger 3 could be true.

Pathaan spoilers ahead!

Pathaan is part of the YRF Spy Universe which also includes War, Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai. The fifth film in that franchise, Tiger 3, will be released later this year. The film stars Salman and Katrina Kaif and it was reported that Shah Rukh will be seen in a cameo as Pathaan in the film. If you haven’t seen Pathaan yet, you may want to stop reading as this article contains some spoilers for the movie, including plot details and some surprises.

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Tiger appeared with Pathaan in the movie. Salman Khan won over fans with his crushing cameo in a spectacular action scene in the second half. Salman and Shah Rukh teamed up for a big action piece on a train as Tiger rescued Pathaan from Russian authorities. At the end of that sequence, Salman’s Tiger turned to Shah Rukh’s Pathaan and told him that he is leaving on a big mission, before adding “Tiger ko Pathaan ki zaroorat pad sakti hai (Tiger may need Pathaan’s help)” .

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The ‘big mission’ Tiger is referring to is definitely a nod to Tiger 3 and the fact that Tiger hinted that he might need Pathaan’s help makes it almost a certainty that Shah Rukh Khan will appear in a cameo in the movie , similar to Salman’s appearance here. Exactly what the length of his role will be remains to be seen when Tiger 3 hits theaters in November. The Maneesh Sharma movie also stars Emraan Hashmi.

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Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in pivotal roles. The film received mixed to positive reviews and good response from the audience. It is on course to become the first blockbuster of 2023.


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