Donald Trump’s impeachment schedule – what could happen next?


Tuesday January 12

Democrats will force a vote on their resolution urging Mr Pence to use the 25th Amendment. He’s likely to pass, given that Democrats have a majority of seats in the House.

However, there is nothing binding in the resolution. Mr. Pence and a majority of Mr. Trump’s cabinet are the ones who should take this step, not Congress. There is no indication that Mr. Pence will do so.

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On the same day, Mr. Trump visited the US-Mexico border in Alamo, Texas, to highlight efforts during his presidency to build new fences at the border.

Wednesday January 13

After Democrats failed in their plea for Mr Pence to act, they moved on to holding an impeachment vote, the mechanism Congress has to topple a sitting president.

The article was adopted by 232 votes to 197, a result achieved with remarkable speed barely a week before the departure of the president.

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Ten Republicans joined them and voted to impeach Mr. Trump. No Republican congressman voted for Mr. Trump’s first impeachment in December 2019.



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