Down to -39 ° C: coldest day of the year yet in many parts of Finland


The morning is clear and cold in many areas, including this quiet spot in Kuopio.

Image: Sami Takkinen / Yle

The lowest temperature readings in Finland so far this year, -39 ° C in Muonio in Finnish Lapland and -37.5 ° C in Kuusamo in Northern Ostrobothnia, were recorded on Thursday morning.

Low temperatures are expected to continue across the country throughout Thursday and Friday as an area of ​​high pressure moves from the east, bringing more freezing air into the country.

Temperatures are expected to drop further in the eastern and central regions Thursday evening and into the early hours of Friday, according to meteorologist Yle. Joonas Koskela.

“Juuka [in North Karelia] registered -33C before noon. It might be colder. Tomorrow in the east the cloud cover will start to increase and the cold will ease a bit, ”Koskela said.

In southern Finland, temperatures will drop in the evening and at night. On Friday, the thermometer will likely show readings below -20 ° C in the south of the country, all along the coast.

A dangerously cold temperature warning is in effect across the country, except for the Åland Islands and northern Lapland.

Extremely cold temperatures will subside in many areas on weekends.

“In the south, Saturday is still a pretty cold day, but after that the temperatures will start to rise,” Koskela added.

However, according to the ten-day forecast, temperatures even in the south of the country will remain below zero.


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