Dozens of children rushed to hospital after bus accident



Dozens of schoolchildren and a driver were rushed to hospital after a school bus collided with a truck and rolled off an embankment west of Melbourne.

A teenage girl was taken to hospital, while the truck driver was transported by road early Wednesday morning after the accident.

Four adults, 27 other students and the bus driver were taken to hospital as a precaution.

The injured were reportedly taken to hospitals across Victoria, including Melbourne’s The Alfred and 13 students to Ballarat Hospital.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital has confirmed that a woman in her 40s, a man in her 50s and a teenage girl are all in stable condition.

The bus was carrying students aged nine to 11 at Loreto College in Ballarat, the school has confirmed.

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The accident happened around 3:15 a.m. near an intersection on the Western Highway at Bacchus Marsh. A spokesman for the Victoria Police Department told the TBEN the crash occurred while cleaning up a previous incident.

“There was an incident on the Western Freeway here this morning and…
we were still rehabilitating the area when the second collision happened,” he said.

“The truck turned the corner and drove down the hill. It saw the speed limit signs and reversing traffic and collided with the bus, forcing the bus from the left side of the highway into the cliff.”

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Local resident Ange Groenland was awakened by the sound of the approaching trauma helicopter.

She said the crash site was “pretty filthy” and that it was disturbing that the young girls had to walk up the embankment after the crash.

“They walked up the ramp to a waiting bus half a mile away,” she said. “I was really mad because I thought if that was mine, it was my kid.

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“I couldn’t believe how they were treated”.

A police spokeswoman told radio station 3AW that the bus was coming from a school in the Ballarat area and that the students were on their way to the airport for a trip.

The students’ parents were asked to stay clear of the crash and to contact Ballarat Police Station.

Lanes on the Melbourne highway were expected to remain closed for several hours while emergency services cleared the scene.

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