Dozens of shelter dogs have survived a plane crash and are looking for a new home


A plane crash in Wisconsin came to a happy end this week after all three people and 53 dogs on board the plane survived.

The twin-engine plane crashed Tuesday over a golf course in Wisconsin’s Waukesha County, completely tearing off its wings as it hurtled through the trees, TBEN News reported.

The plane flew from New Orleans to ferry the dozens of dogs from overcrowded animal shelters in southern states to Wisconsin, where they could more easily find homes.

“Some are already having fun in the snow and are on their way to finding their forever home,” she said.

However, Tate-Techtmann noted to BuzzFeed News that shelter workers are still unsure how the accident may affect some dogs’ behavior.

Many of the dogs are now available for adoption and some have already found new homes.

“He just got on my lap and that was it,” Christian told the news station. “He’s the one.”


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