dr. Disrespect reveals ‘DEADROP’, its FPS, along with the first real gameplay footage


I remain interested in the saga of Dr. Disrespect, his studio Midnight Society and his new game, which now has an official name, DEADROP, after it was previously called Project Moon.

The game caught my attention because of its use of NFTs to recruit players to be early players/testers, and the promise of a fully transparent development process where those players are regularly given vertical sections of the game to play and provide feedback on.

Now, in addition to the name debut, a live event offered those dedicated, NFT-loving Doc fans their first live look at the game. It’s definitely beyond screenshots from a blog post from a few weeks ago indicated, though there’s plenty of pushback on how it’s done is doing look too.

DEADROP (yes, there’s a D missing on purpose), is a Vertical Extraction Shooter, a new term that Doc invented, but it seems to be some sort of spin on Escape from Tarkov mixed with elements from The Cycle of Warzone.

However, the first gameplay test shots revealed during the live event aren’t quite there yet to show a real match. It is mainly a shooting range simulator and exploration of some of the skyscraper environment. The general idea seems to be to make your way past human and AI enemies to reach the top and be extracted by helicopter, but only the base is shown in these early footage.

Do these images look good? I mean, no, not really. The environments are okay, but the weapon model/fire/reload looks pretty rough. Again, this is the first public build of the game ever, so that’s going to be a common refrain used when things don’t look polished, but that’s what Midnight Society has opened up to with this new kind of ultra-transparent development.

People keep saying Doc said the following a few weeks ago:

“I could take a screenshot of our game right now, in-game, in-engine, and I think nothing” [from Call of Duty] could match that screenshot.”

All this remains somewhat strange because Dr. Disrespect is a “character” who often brags about his own abilities and submerges his competition, but Guy Beahm is now a developer making a real video game. So who said this, and how serious were they? Anyway, expect it to be brought up every time new footage is shown, if it doesn’t actually top Call of Duty.

The plan now seems to be producing more and more vertical slices for game founders showing off pieces of DEADROP. It’s unclear when it could expand beyond the NFT holding circle, but that seems to be quite the crux of its “community building” concept. And it seems a long way from releasing anything like a true beta. But yes, I will keep an eye on it, because it remains fascinating.

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