dr. Fauci prepares for retirement by owning Rand Paul for the last time


During a hearing on the federal response to monkeypox, Senator Rand Paul played an edited clip to Dr. Fauci for rejecting basic immunology, but Fauci was ready for the Kentucky senator.


sen. Paul used an edited clip of Fauci from 2004 to spread more misinformation about COVID-19 immunity.

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dr. Fauci replied:

That movie you showed is really taken out of context. I believe that was when someone called who had a reaction to a vaccine and asked me over the phone in an interview if they should have me re-vaccinated, so it was in the context of someone having a reaction.

In fact, Reuters has checked the facts, looked into it and said Fauci’s 2004 comments do not contradict his pandemic statements.

Paul went on to smear Fauci, suggesting that he take bribes from vaccine manufacturers.

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dr. Fauci will soon be driving into the private sector, and while Rand Paul suggested he would reveal the truth when Republicans take back the Senate, Fauci was able to deliver one last public beating to one of the country’s leading spreaders of COVID disinformation. .

Fauci got an early parting gift by owning Rand Paul one last time.


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