Draymond Green Says Video Has Been Released Of Him Punching Warrior’s Teammate To Show Him In A Negative Light


On October 5, two Golden State Warriors teammates got into a scuffle that made national headlines and changed their relationship forever.

After exchanging words, Draymond Green got in Jordan Poole’s face, which led to Poole shoving Green. That led Green to basically punch Poole, and the two tangled before breaking up.

No one realized how bad the incident was until the video leaked – much to the dismay of all involved.

But perhaps no one was more upset by the release than Green himself.

Green says the video’s leak was “100 percent calculated” to paint him negatively.

“As someone involved in the incident, when I watched the video I forgot everything that happened. Since you’re watching an audioless video in the video, you’re watching a three-second clip of me walking up and waving. That’s what you see. That video was put right there to portray me exactly like that,” Green said in a recent interview with Bleacher Report. “Does that mean I wasn’t wrong in what I did? No, that doesn’t mean that. 100 percent was the wrong response. But there is also a full story in everything. I don’t feel like sharing my story. One day I will…

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“But what I found out watching that video all day was like, damn, this is actually what this was supposed to do,” he continued. “This was meant to form an opinion about me, not to put another side to it. Like, don’t even get a different opinion, this video was released just like that. No sound. When we have this video, we have the whole exercise, right? We have everything, right? All you see is five seconds. And so what I had to do is number one, because once that’s released, I experience so many emotions. Like, I’m upset. How the hell does this get released? I’m going through hell because you’re only at the discretion of public opinion.

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The fight came less than three months after the Warriors won their fourth NBA title in the past seven years — they’ve failed to get past the championship hangover midway through the season with a 20-21 record.

But Green doesn’t think the fight is necessarily to blame, as the two continue to work on their relationship – though he admitted it would never be the same.

“We go to work together every day,” he later said. “Our lockers are right next to each other, that has never changed. We ride the same buses together, we change together in the same changing room on the road – none of that has changed. Of course, has it changed our relationship? Absolute. That is still work in progress. I will always be willing to continue doing that work because I was wrong. Certainly allow it to move forward, and we’ve moved forward, and it’s fine. But is it different? 100 percent. Not that I expected it to be the same…

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“I see improvements, day after day, week after week, month after month I see improvements. That’s all you can ask for. I don’t expect him to come out and say, ‘Man, I want to hang out with you off track.’ I don’t expect that. I’m not a fool… It’s about what I expected. But it would be a constant work in progress for the composition of our team, for the success of our team. I will keep doing the work.”

The Warriors have lost three right after winning their previous five. Stephen Curry has missed 11 games with a shoulder injury.

Golden State will begin a five-game road trip on Friday after completing an eight-game home standings. Before that they were on the road six times in a row.

The report of Draymond Green saying that a video of him punching a Warriors teammate was released to paint him in a negative light first appeared on TBEN News.