Drew McIntyre’s Raw WWE Title Win Was a Late Decision | TBEN


This Sunday in the WWE Survivor Series, Drew McIntyre will face Roman Reigns in a champion versus champion match. None of the titles will be on the line, but the hook for fans is that they are witnessing a dream match between the top two players from their respective brands.

As first reported here on TBEN.co, Friday’s plan was for Orton to take on Reigns on pay-per-view, but those plans changed by the time they hit the air.

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Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that all key players felt before Monday Night Raw that Reigns vs. Orton was still the scheduled match for Survivor Series.

Meltzer noted that the belief among many in the business was that Orton likely figured out he was losing the title once McIntyre showed up on SmackDown. Of course, it’s possible that he was warned before that and just kept quiet.

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TBEN.co spoke with two people on Monday afternoon who still felt it was Orton vs. Reigns again on Sunday. There were people there who generally knew these things and hadn’t heard of the changing plans before the game.


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