E. Jean Carroll files rape lawsuit against Donald Trump


E. Jean Carroll announced on Thanksgiving that she had filed a rape lawsuit against Donald Trump.

Carroll tweeted:

The lawsuit:

Carroll already has a libel suit against Donald Trump. The failed former president could not keep his mouth shut and sabotaged his own defense in the case.

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The Trump lawsuit is a big deal because he is likely to be the only 2024 presidential candidate to be charged with rape.

Trump faces a ton of criminal liability. Carroll’s lawsuit is civil, but important because, as she put it, this lawsuit is for every woman who has been assaulted, harassed, and dragged through the mud by a powerful man.

Trump has been dragging Carroll through the mud for years after she came forward and accused Donald Trump of rape. Her lawsuit has the potential to get some measure of justice for the dozens of women who have accused Trump of sexual assault and misconduct over the years.

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Carroll’s lawsuit won’t matter to Republican voters, but if a civil court rules that Trump raped E. Jean Carroll, the GOP will literally have a rapist at the top of their ticket, which would effectively doom the entire party by 2024.


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