E-pass not required for Kolkata Metro commuters from January 18, weekday services will increase


Kolkata Metro authorities announced on Wednesday that commuters will not be required to book e-passes to take the metro from January 18. The decision was made amid declining COVID-19 cases in the state.

He added that the frequency of his weekday services on the North-South line will increase from 228 to 240.

The Kolkata metro resumed operations on September 14, 2020, with strict health protocols in place following the COVID-19 pandemic, and introduced e-passes for entry to stations.

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Previously, for the elderly, women and children (under 15), the e-pass was not required throughout the day. It had been gradually relaxed with exemptions for specific age categories within predefined time slots.

The Kolkata Metro has decided to offer 204 daily services instead of 190 Monday to Saturday services from December 7.

He also said the services will be available every 7 minutes during the morning and evening rush hours.

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Meanwhile, Union Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal took to Twitter on Saturday to congratulate Kolkata Metro for it.

“The residents of Calcutta will be able to rejoice from December 7, the metro will increase services to 204 from Monday to Saturday. To further improve passenger comfort, there will also be an extension of schedules and easier travel with services available every 7 minutes during peak hours, ”Piyush Goyal mentioned in a tweet.

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