EastEnders SPOILER: Zak and Nancy get closer as he helps her recover from horror car crash


EastEnders SPOILER: Zack and Nancy get closer as he helps her recover from a horror car crash (but she still doesn’t know he caused it)

Romance brews between Zack Hudson (James Farrar) and Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) on EastEnders as the pair bond in scenes that air this Thursday.

The couple spent more time together as Zack helped Nancy through the next steps in her recovery from a horror car crash earlier this month.

Nancy was run over by her stepsister Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis) when she was distracted during a driving lesson and was hospitalized.

But what Nancy doesn’t know is that her new crush was the cause of her crash as it drunkenly distracted Frankie from the road when the crash happened.

In new footage released by the TBEN of the upcoming scenes, Nancy could be seen staring shyly at Zack as they chatted together on the sidewalk in Walford.

Zack then lovingly took Nancy’s hand in support as she squeezed her physically distressed chest.

After Nancy was run over by Frankie, Zack lied to the police about what happened and how it led to Nancy getting hurt.

It’s unclear if Zack’s feelings for Nancy are genuine or if he’s overwhelmed with hit-and-run guilt.

And in scenes yet to be aired, Nancy’s father Mick (Danny Dyer) bursts into the gym and corner Zack as he demands to know his intentions with his daughter.

In his panic, Zack admits that Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) was also involved in Nancy’s accident but remains silent about himself.

James spoke to Digital Spy about how Zack and Frankie handled the hit and run.

He reflected, “When the characters do things that you wouldn’t do personally, it’s hard to empathize with them.

‘Zack, in his reaction to the crash, is definitely doing something I wouldn’t do like James.

“That’s why he fights and that’s why it’s hard to play that – but then really, how often do you run over someone?” And how do you make decisions based on that? ”

“It’s hard to empathize with them”: James recently told Digital Spy that he would never personally handle the hit and run the way Zack and Frankie did




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