Edited bodycam footage shows a man being shot by police in Chandler


Recently released video footage shows officers in Chandler shooting and killing a man who police said was armed and disobeyed.

Edited body camera video of two officers and video from home surveillance show the November 23 police shooting where 30-year-old Cody Allan Smestad was killed by police officers.

A 911 call about a hooded man in a mask carrying a hammer to a home on East Folley Place near South Newman Way came in from the homeowner watching from a distance, police said. A few officers and a detective arrived at the home and found the suspect in the backyard “armed” with a “rifle,” police said.

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Bodycam video showed armed law enforcement officers ordering Smestad to drop the weapon, which the man held in his left hand and lowered next to his left leg.

“F—ing drop or I’ll punch holes in you,” the detective is heard saying to the man on the surveillance video. The man replies, “I know you will.” Shots are then fired and Smestad is seen falling to the ground.

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Smestad was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

The officers at the shooting were identified as a 22-year-old detective and a 16-year-old sergeant. According to the police, an internal and criminal investigation is currently underway.

This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Edited bodycam footage shows a man being shot by police in Chandler


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