EFF says it will protest Samora Machel clinic closure ‘if necessary’


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Cape Town – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Cape Town metro have warned the city that if need be, they will take to the streets to protest the closing of the Samora Machel clinic.

The party issued the warning following a photo circulating on social media indicating that the Weltevreden Valley Clinic in Samora Machel and residents had been asked to collect medication from Colorado Hall in Mitchells Plain.

Mayco’s community and health services member Zahid Badroodien said the clinic was closed after staff were robbed at gunpoint on March 31, 2021.

Staff were traumatized and support and debriefing sessions were offered to employees.

“Staff fear for their safety and meetings have taken place with all stakeholders including the health committee, South African police, law enforcement, neighborhood councilor, union and staff .

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“The clinic is closed and we are discussing how to continue providing ARV services,” Badroodien said.

“The community has been informed and we further ask all customers to visit the settling site until a sustainable safety plan is in place. The community will be kept informed of progress.

“The City apologizes for the inconvenience caused.”

According to EFF regional president Unathi Ntame, the continued closure of the clinic is extremely happy. Image: provided

According to FEP regional president Unathi Ntame, the continued closure of the clinic is extremely unhappy as residents cannot use clinic services in their area.

“The city of Cape Town invites disease into the community and calls for the death of residents who can no longer collect ARVs at this clinic.

“It is terrible and inhuman what has been done by the city of Cape Town. They have to make sure that this clinic is open as of yesterday. If they need to engage SAPS, to have SAPS members deployed to this clinic, then it can be done, ”Ntame said.

“There is also a police station in Samora Machel. Why is this clinic, if it is a matter of security, not protected by the police? Why don’t they deploy the metro police – for which they are responsible – to guard this clinic? “

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“Obviously, we sympathize with the staff who were affected by the crime that occurred there, but that does not justify them shutting down the services of Samora Machel.”

Most recently, parties criticized the city for cutting water and sanitation services to the community after an official was gunned down on Tuesday.

Four suspected teenagers stole their belongings from one of the city’s water and sanitation team as they repaired a collapsed sewer on Helen Joseph Street in Samora Machel.

The supervisor, who is also the driver, was shot and the bullet narrowly missed his spine.

On Tuesday, member of the city’s mayor’s committee for water and waste, Xanthea Limberg, said the city had condemned the attack and would temporarily cut residents’ services.

The parties said it was not fair for residents to suffer as a result of crime.

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Ntame said the city must open the clinic immediately and stop playing with the lives of predominantly black people.

“They turn off the water, they close the cleaning of drainage systems, close the clinics. They close everything. How do they expect people living with HIV / AIDS to survive without drugs? “

“How can we expect people who take TB medicine to survive without it? The Colorado Hall they are talking about is very, very far from Samora Machel.

“People have to walk to these places, and crime is high and people will be robbed along the way,” Ntame said.

“The City must deploy security and ensure that the clinic is able to function.

“This is clearly unacceptable. As a VET we will never accept this, and if necessary we will take it to the streets to make sure the clinic is up and running.

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