Elon Musk admits Twitter has too many ads, says fix is ​​coming


Elon Musk continues to change things at a breakneck pace on Twitter, and on Saturday, the still CEO (I assume he hasn’t found anyone willing to take over yet?) appeared to be answering user complaints that ads are getting worse on the platform. Musk said the social network would “take steps” to address what he said was too common for ads running on Twitter, as well as the ads themselves taking up too much space. Finally, Musk reiterated that there will also be a new, more expensive subscription tier that will remove ads completely.

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An option to pay to get rid of ads altogether is something Twitter users have expressed a desire for since the introduction of the original paid Twitter plan, which offered users a number of features but didn’t change the speed at which they saw advertisements on the site. Musk previously tipped that there would be a completely ad-free higher subscription coming mid-December in 2023 last year. At the time, Musk also said that at the existing rate, Blue subscribers would see half of free users’ ads.

Musk’s admission of the abysmal state of advertising on Twitter comes just after he oversaw the death of the network’s support for third-party clients. Twitter shut down API access for those customers last week, starting with suddenly revoking access for its largest customers, including Tweetbot and Twitterific, and then updated developer guidelines earlier this week to restrict access for all of those customers. completely shut down.

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