Elon Musk says “super important that doge fees go down”


Elon Musk’s interest in Dogecoin is no secret. In fact, he even said he wanted to put cryptocurrency on the moon. Now, Musk had showcased another version of Dogecoin, sending ripples on Twitter. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla said on the microblogging site that Dogecoin’s management fees should be reduced to make purchases such as movie tickets “viable” for the average consumer. Musk was responding to a tweet on AMC accepting Dogecoin. The tech billionaire wrote in response: “It is very important that Doge’s fees go down to make things like buying pay movies viable.”

The first one Tweeter by Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus in this regard, referred to the news of AMC CEO taking steps to accept the cryptocurrency and talking about its popularity. “Robinhood Announcing Wallets, AMC CEO Not Just Talking About Accepting Dogecoin But Said It Was The Most Interacted Tweet With A Tweet He Has Ever Made With The Crypto Market Finally Seeing Green . I have to say… ”followed by a meme that said“ today was a good day, ”Markus, whose name is Shibetoshi Nakamoto, wrote on Twitter.

American movie chain AMC announced earlier this month that it will accept Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin for ticket purchases by the end of this year. Dogecoin was not on the initial list.

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However, after the announcement, AMC CEO Adam Aron asked users on Twitter whether the company should include Dogecoin on the list. The poll results were in favor of Dogecoin as a payment method and the tweet even saw a “like” of Musk.

Recognizing this, Aron wrote, “I never thought I would see this day. Elon Musk liked my Dogecoin poll tweet on Twitter. If you also see this tweet, Mr. Musk, congratulations on Tesla and SpaceX. I have strived to be an innovator throughout my career, but you, Sir, are the embodiment of innovation above all else. He also attached a photo of the poll results to the tweet.

Aron further announced that the company will make efforts to accept Dogecoin. He also said the poll was his “highest tweet ever read” to date, registering 4.2 million views in 24 hours.

As of September 24 (11:24 am IST), the price of Dogecoin in India was Rs. 17.41. Previously, Dogecoin prices saw their value rise every time Musk tweeted in favor of the cryptocurrency.

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