Elon Musk weighs in on vaccines, again, elicits mixed reactions


Twitter users have two opinions on Elon Musk’s latest tweet

New Delhi:

Billionaire Elon Musk’s tweets make apps popular, stocks skyrocket and fuel countless discussions on Twitter. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX interacts with his social media followers on topics ranging from aliens to cryptocurrencies. This time around, Mr Musk once again weighed in on the COVID-19 vaccine, again drawing mixed reactions from his 50.3 million Twitter followers.

Clarifying his position on vaccines, he wrote: “To be clear, I support vaccines in general and Covid vaccines in particular. The science is unequivocal. In very rare cases there is an allergic reaction, but this is easily resolved with an EpiPen. “

Interacting with a follower, he added: “Some are debating the IMO as to whether a second injection of synthetic mRNA is really necessary, but the first is obvious.”

The tweet comes just weeks after Mr Musk expressed doubts about the need for a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. He had mentioned fears of negative reactions. He wrote: “Of course it is wise for the elderly or immunocompromised to take the vaccine. Some debate on the second vaccine however. Some negative reactions to it.”

The tech billionaire was responding to a tweet from author Ashlee Vance, who wrote: “My inclination has been to think that the magnitude of Facebook’s brainwashing effect is exaggerated. Now, however, my father 87-year-old, 73-year-old mom is 100% refusing the vaccine based on what she saw on Facebook, and, uh, I have some concerns. “

Twitter users have two opinions on Mr. Musk’s latest tweet, as he has frequently changed his mind about the pandemic.

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Sharing an image of Tesla’s boss dismissing the ‘panic’ around the coronavirus, one user wrote: “This guy? He shouldn’t be answering questions at all … It’s not his field and he’s probably done a lot hurt by minimizing for almost a year. “

The comments section also saw users exchanging their different opinions on vaccines as a solution to the pandemic.

The United States, the country most affected by the deadly coronavirus, is rapidly vaccinating its population.

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