“Emirates Education” is considering objection requests to the results of the first semester this week


The guide “Guidances regarding the results of students in the first semester and the compensatory period for the academic year 2022-2023”, which was recently approved by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, specified the current week from yesterday (January 23) until the 27th of the same month, to consider and study requests for objection to Results.

Yesterday, the implementation of the “Support and Empowerment” program for students who did not achieve the minimum score in any of the subjects of group (A), which was recently announced by the institution, began yesterday. The program continues until the 30th of this month, which is followed by a center exam that continues until the third of next February. Exam results on the sixth of the same month.

The guide explained several procedures for implementing the “Support and Empowerment” program, where attending the program is a prerequisite for the student’s progress at the end of the program for the central exam. The exam will focus on the basic skills that students achieve based on the analysis of the results of the first semester exams.

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While the ability to print the student’s performance evaluation card for the end of the first semester is blocked, and the student and his guardian are allowed to see the level of performance evaluation through the student’s electronic portal, and it is allowed to print the performance evaluation card for the end of the first semester for special cases due to moving outside the country or to private schools that apply foreign curricula The student’s guardian does not want him to take the exam, and the evaluation card is printed through the support coordinators in the school branches of public schools or through the special education coordinators of private schools.

The procedures stated that twelfth grade students in private schools sit for all exams after the end of the program, in their schools and under the supervision of the committee in charge of the licensing authority in the department and the Educational Authority for Private Education. Likewise, twelfth grade students in tolerance schools perform the same exams in their schools.

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And the guide indicated that the exams will be paper-based for the third and fourth grades, and are available in the “Al-Manhal” system, and the school administration is responsible for printing the exam, explaining that students and their parents are notified of this program, and there is no alternative opportunity for the exam in the event of absence or technical defect, and in the event that the student moves to Another school Coordination is made between the two schools to hand over the exam ticket to the student according to the approved mechanism.

The procedures specified in the guide included that the “remote” exam form is available for sick cases outside and inside the country, according to the file approved by the school branches. As for students in grades from third to eleventh, who follow an individual educational plan (modifying the curriculum), they are evaluated from The subject teacher accepts it in coordination with the special education teacher in the school. As for the twelfth grade students, they take the central exams that are carried out with the rest of the students, while providing the needs and considerations for each student of them, which are included in the individual study plan approved in the “Al-Manhal” system, and monitoring the grade from It is accepted by the teacher for grades from the third to the eleventh, while it is electronically monitored for the twelfth grade.

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As for the students who undergo an individual plan (adaptation / adaptation), the central exams applied to the rest of the students are applied to them with all considerations in the “Swift Foundations” system, and the exam after the “Support and Empowerment” program does not include cases of absence from the exams at the end of the first semester (compensatory). .

• The “remote” exam form is available for sick cases outside and inside the country.

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