England vs Iran, World Cup 2022: what time is it today and how to watch on TV


What TV channel is it on?

The match will be broadcast live on TBEN One. You can also stream it on TBEN iPlayer.

Who is the referee?

By Mike McGrath, in Doha

England’s opening game at the World Cup will be officiated by Raphael Claus, who recently sent off five players in a Brazilian Serie A match.

The 43-year-old will be in charge of the Group B game against Iran. Uruguay’s Leodan Gonzalez has been confirmed as VAR for the match.

Claus sent five players off in a Rio de Janiero derby between Flamengo and Fluminense in September, with one substitute receiving a red card before four more players were sent off in the closing stages when players collided. In the reverse game earlier this year, he also sent off two players.

He participated in the 2021 Copa América and the 2019 FIFA Under-20 World Cup. In the World Cup qualifiers, he has captained Argentina and Ecuador’s matches in the most recent campaign.

Gareth Southgate and his side have been briefed by representatives of the Fifa referees ahead of the tournament, where issues of wasting time have been highlighted, with warnings that it will be closely monitored.

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When FIFA referee president Pierluigi Collina addressed the media on the eve of the World Cup, he highlighted a Harry Maguire goal to show how offside players who crowd during set pieces are penalized if they disrupt play.

Reckless tackles will also be penalized with cards during the tournament. “We don’t want challenges that jeopardize a player’s safety,” said Collina. “The message is that when something like this happens, players and coaches have to respect very strict disciplinary sanctions.”

England have not been red-carded at the World Cup since Wayne Rooney’s dismissal in the 2006 tournament against Portugal when he was sent off for his infamous clash with Ricardo Carvalho that eventually saw Sven-Goran Eriksson lose on penalties in the World Cup quarter-final. the competition.

What’s the latest news?

By Jeremy Wilson, in Doha

The opening match of the World Cup in England will be the first game in World Cup history to be played with special air-conditioning technology.

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FIFA is preparing for a match-by-match approach to their use of the cooling innovation in Qatar’s eight tournament stadiums and they plan to use air-conditioning only to ensure games are not played in temperatures above 24C.

Qatar’s air conditioning systems can lower temperatures from well above 40C to below 20C even during the scorching summer months, but tournament organizers want to make conditions as natural as possible.

The average annual temperature in Qatar in November and December is between 25C and 15C, but daytime temperatures of up to 30C are predicted for the first week of the tournament.

In practice this means that matches starting locally at 1pm and 4pm are most likely to use air conditioning for some or all matches, with organizers likely to turn off air conditioning about an hour before evening games.

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On a match day, temperature readings and measurements are constantly monitored in the respective stadium.

The World Cup match between Qatar and Ecuador starts at 7pm locally, while England’s match against Iran starts at 4pm in Doha (and 1pm in the UK) on Monday, when the local temperature is predicted to be 27C.

Cooling water breaks are also recommended – subject to the final decision of the match umpire – around both the 30th and 75th minutes of matches if the so-called ‘west bulb temperature’ is above 32C.

This is a measure of the heat stress in direct sunlight, taking into account temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar angle and cloud cover.

The technology works by creating a pressure bubble, thereby creating a microclimate in the stadium that both cools and purifies the air.

Head to head record

England and Iran have never played each other before.

Latest quotes

England to win 3/10

Draw 15/4

Iran to win 1/11


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