Enrique Iglesias shocks fans as he kisses concertgoer during meet and greet


Enrique Iglesias, who has been in a relationship with Anna Kournikova for 20 years, shocked fans after he posted a video Friday of him getting intimate with a fan in Las Vegas.

In the clip, posted to his Instagram feed, the ‘Bailando’ singer initially gave the female fan a kiss on the cheek as he posed for a selfie at a meet and greet.

However, things took a steamy turn when the fan turned her head and started kissing the singer passionately on the lips.

Rather than turn away, Iglesias, 47, continued to kiss the mystery woman, at one point moving his hands to her behind.

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They held onto the cock for a few seconds before Iglesias finally let go of it and ran away with a huge smile on his face.

“Friday night at #LASVEGAS @resortsworldlv see you tonight!!!!” he captioned the video.

Fans were divided over the intimate moment, some expressing their jealousy and others asking about his tennis star partner.

“So lucky! You are the best for your fans! 😍,” commented one fan, with another joke, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😂😂.”

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A third said: “Oh my God!! I want to be her,” while another stood up for Kournikova, writing: “I don’t like it when other girls kiss you! Your kisses should only be for Anna ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.”

Iglesias and Kournikova, 41, have been dating since 2001, when they met on the set of his “Escape” music video. They broke up briefly in 2013, but got back together. Although they are not legally married, Kournikova has listed “Iglesias” as her last name in her Instagram bio.

The two share three children: twins Nicholas and Lucy, 4, and Mary, 2.