Eric Bischoff Comments on Vince McMahon’s Departure, Stephanie McMahon as WWE Co-CEO


In the latest podcast “83 Weeks,” Eric Bischoff spoke about the announcement of Vince McMahon’s retirement:

“When I was battling Vince McMahon, this is the truth. I wouldn’t have had the chance to do all that shit that the Monday Night Wars created and that chance for me to step in that moment in time when all things were working and everything was lined up and if I could have taken on Vince McMahon it would never have happened without the vision and footprint that Vince McMahon had created AEW, WCW, none of that would have existed Vince McMahon has not proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, in a way the Crocketts couldn’t, Verne Gagne couldn’t, none of the other regional promoters who had these wild butt dreams knew how to do it, or really had the vision to take wrestling from what it once was was (to what it turned out to be). Everyone tried and said, ‘What if I did this? What if I did that?’ but Vince did.”


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