Erin Napier Says Drew Barrymore Helped Her Feel ‘Wonderful’ at the CMAs: ‘It Made Me Feel Like I belonged’


Erin Napier says Drew Barrymore is her style icon. (Photo: Taylor Hill/Film Magic)

Erin Napier revealed that her “style icon” Drew Barrymore helped her get her dream dress from CMAs.

The HGTV star shared a post on Instagram on Thursday thanking Barrymore for reaching out to the designer of her dress after she had trouble finding the dress she wanted in her size.

Napier, an awards presenter, started the post by explaining her relationship with country music and what it means to her now.

“About the CMA awards: I grew up in a house where Conway Twitty and Randy Travis vinyls were always on the record player, George Jones played Dad’s tape deck in his truck, Charlie Pride 8 songs in the closet. I’m out of the country I grew up music from high school, and returned to it when I fell in love with Ben in college Songs of eternal love and irreparable heartbreak made me feel like I allowed myself to ever lose Ben Ben I understood why my parents loved it so much,” she wrote.

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She thanked country musicians Chris and Morgane Stapleton for helping them navigate life in the spotlight.

Becoming friends with Chris Stapleton and Morgane Stapleton and their families in 2018 was a godsend as we navigated our new careers on the public stage and they became like family to us: mentors and guides in this strange world we found ourselves. such an honor to present Chris with the award that made him the winning male singer in CMA history last night.

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Finally, she revealed the true story behind her breathtaking dress, giving Barrymore a special shoutout for helping her feel “fancy” on the big day.

“To add to this surreal experience was The Dress. I had about 12 days to find something to wear when we found out we were going to be presenting. Honestly, I’m ignorant about fashion. We’re not people on the red runner I was lucky enough to meet @drewbarrymore last year when we were guests on her show – my style icon growing up! I looked up to her for so many years! I nervously reached out to her to ask where do I start I found a dress I found one I loved but couldn’t find my size… Drew asked @marchesafashion to help me, and they helped me too. She and my dear friend @meeschka have never made me feel like so beautiful and beautiful and felt outside of my norm. It helped me feel like I belonged when I was so nervous,” she wrote.

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She tied the post together by highlighting the importance of mentorship and how she hopes one day she can be the Drew Barrymore in someone else’s story.

“So this post is really about mentors and the way they walk alongside us. I’m thankful to have them and hope I can be that for someone too. (PS Ben has never been more handsome and Alan Jackson’s speech made us cry. end.)”

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