Euro Final 2022: England vs Germany Live – Score and Latest Updates from Wembley


Tyers here, looking forward to letting you build on this exciting opportunity. Without further ado, here’s our women’s soccer guru Tom Garry:

The sea of ​​red and white outside Wembley is like nothing I’ve ever seen in the women’s game before, and that’s no surprise as tonight’s turnout of around 87,500 will set a new record for all Euros, men or women.

There were thousands of people milling about outside, even at 10am and 11am, but now the atmosphere is fully ramped up on several levels. And the atmosphere is so remarkably contrasting compared to last year’s men’s final, with such a safe, happy feeling in the atmosphere outside this stadium.

Bands play music, families enjoy packed lunches and everywhere you look you see red and white shirts and flags.

Just before kick-off, an RAF typhoon will fly over Wembley and we understand that the planes will be piloted and manned entirely by women.

Luke Edwards, meanwhile, has sucked up the atmosphere on his way to the ground.

On my journey from South West London to North London by public transport, I have seen English shirts everywhere, many of them with the names of our Lionesses on them.

I’ve been saying since the beginning of the tournament that we needed a breakthrough moment to achieve real crossover success in the mainstream. We’ve already had that – I think that probably came with the semi-final victory over Sweden and the heel of Alessia Russo – but now we have to win the tournament. Nothing will have more impact than that.

As for the match itself, the Germans, who beat France 2-1 in the semi-finals, have won the title a whopping eight times – including a 6-2 win over England in the 2009 decision – and are out to get to Wembley. to steal from among the English, according to Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, who said yesterday: “In the beginning Wembley will be English and I hope at the end it will be ours.”

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