European regulator sees January return for Boeing 737 MAX



The European aviation safety regulator believes the Boeing 737 MAX is safe after a lengthy safety review and plans to clear the plane for commercial flights in January, its senior official said in a speech broadcast on Saturday.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration lifted a 20-month-old grounding order on Wednesday after two fatal crashes that sparked cockpit design changes. US commercial flights are expected to resume in late December.

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“We wanted to do a completely independent safety analysis of this aircraft, so we performed our own checks and flight tests,” said Patrick Ky, executive director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in Paris. Air Forum.


“All of these studies tell us that the 737 MAX can return to service. We have started to put all the measures in place,” he said. “It is likely that in our case we will adopt the decisions allowing him to return to service during the month of January.”

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