Everton beat Liverpool for the first time this century as Jordan Henderson limped


Iit’s here! Liverpool vs Everton, live on TV, no one allowed to enter the stadium … during an endless lockdown. Do you remember the ads?

Thank goodness football has continued, although there is a certain fatigue setting in with the sheer number of games available to watch, each one being heralded as the most important in the world. Games like this are exactly the type that never loses its buzz, although the difference between watching from a distance on screens rather than in the match crowd on the way to the stadium is a great reminder of the lame dimension we have. currently live.

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Jurgen Klopp thanked the fans for their support of Covid-19 times in today’s match schedule:

“As a club – and as a community – we have always embraced the idea that struggle can come from joy … but above all, you only achieve it through solidarity and unity.

“I have really felt the love and support of the LFC family over the past few weeks. Our players too. They know our supporters hurt with us, the same way they celebrate with us. It makes it a special place, to be honest.

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“So our fans are not inside Anfield today. For a derby match, it will be particularly strange, I think, no matter how accustomed we are to this ‘closed door’ experience.

“But I want everyone reading this to know that we feel them with us and know that they are side by side with us no matter what.

“We will never take it for granted.”

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The lack of fans will obviously have an effect on how this match goes but Carlo Ancelotti knows how to beat Klopp’s teams. He already did.

Kick-off is 5:30 p.m. and you can enjoy live updates throughout this page.